NorthAmCon, LLC adapts and designs conveyors based on the application requirements.

Easily integrate with Your Robot for a seamless design delivering a complete solution.

NorthAmCon offers 24V power driven technologies to meet an endless range of Robotic & Automation solutions with both Motor Driven Roller (MDR) and Flat Motor Driven Roller (FMDR) technology.

  • Built to application needs including customization for end of arm tooling in pick zones
  • Paint to match your supplied equipment
  • Your preferred brand components
  • Documentation and drawings with your label and title block
  • Multiple drive methods including o-ring, poly-ribbed belt, and chain
  • Roller driven by Motor Driven Roller (MDR) or Flat Motor Driven Roller (FMDR)

End of Line Automation

Solution Examples


Conveyors to interface with your robotic packaging machinery including case formers, erectors, packers, fillers, taping and gluing systems.

Material Handling

Conveyors to interface with your robotic material handling equipment including stackers, destackers, dispensers, pick and place.

Automation Assembly

Conveyors to interface with your robotic automated assembly equipment including welding and painting.

NorthAmCon Commitment

One size does not fit all, at NorthAmCon, LLC we specialize in meeting our customer’s needs with the agility and flexibility of a custom fabricator powered by all the capabilities of a leading manufacturer, including a strong supply chain network, allowing us to deliver the widest variety of custom options, rapidly and cost effectively.