NorthAmCon, LLC offers controls that add functionality and performance to meet each application.

NorthAmCon offers a variety of controls that add functionality to the conveyor or material handling system.

One size does not fit all, at NorthAmCon we specialize in meeting our customer’s needs with the agility and flexibility of a custom fabricator powered by all the capabilities of a leading manufacturer, including a strong supply chain network, allowing us to deliver the widest variety of custom options, rapidly and cost effectively.

Conveyor Controls

Disabling an Open Gate

  • Mounted and wired prox/relay cut power to a lift gate when in the up position


  • Proxes, limit switches, valves, and photo-eyes can be wired back to a terminal strip at the factory for convenient and quick field installation


  • Positioning proxes or limit switches available
  • Mounted at the factory

Power Supplies

  • 24V DC out
  • 460V 3-phase, 230V 1-phase, 115V 1-phase available input voltage
  • NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Through door disconnect

Programmable MDR Drive Card

  • Programmable with a software download and ladder logic
  • EtherNet/IP conformance tested
  • Configures easily in RSLogix 5000™ using an available add on profile

Work Station Hold

  • Selector switch mounted inside of a control box and wired at the factory
  • Allows for a worker controlled hold in a work area
  • All zones function normally after the work station hold

Z-Control and MDR Automated Drive Cards

  • Standard ZPA logic allows for non-plc controlled zero pressure accumulation