NorthAmCon, LLC can provide equipment to meet the specific needs of the customer’s application.

Easily integrates into the customer’s environment for a seamless design delivering a complete solution.

NorthAmCon offers a variety of special solutions powered with 24V technology. This page provides a sampling of some solutions. When an alternative to AC power is desired, there is a solution – just let us know how the equipment needs to perform.

Sample Specialty Products

Belt Over Roller

Belt Over Roller combined with Motorized Driven Roller (MDR) conveyors.

Frame Cut-Outs

Frame cut-outs are custom designed for robotic end of arm tooling interface.


Helical conveyors are great for positioning open boxes at an operator filling station.



Conveyors for high density accumulation applications.

Low Profile Conveyor


These conveyors are great for round or cylindrical shaped products.


Incline Belt Over Slider Bed

NorthAmCon, Inc designed conveyor with 24V technology.

Vertical Accumulation

Great Conveyors for elevation changes and vertical accumulation of products.


Narrow Flat Motor Drive Roller (FMDR) Conveyor

Conveyor offers narrow width, dual tier zero pressure accumulation conveyor system to allow for more more accumulation in a small footprint.

Narrow FMDR Conveyor

AGV Decks

Custom designed for each OEM requirements with low profile decks to meet mounting locations, heights, widths and frame designs powered with 24V technology.

AGV Deck

NorthAmCon Commitment

One size does not fit all, at NorthAmCon, LLC we specialize in meeting our customer’s needs with the agility and flexibility of a custom fabricator powered by all the capabilities of a leading manufacturing, including a strong supply chain network, allowing us to deliver the widest variety of custom options, rapidly and cost effectively.